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A theory of justice
John Rawls

Stand: 20.02.2002
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"A theory of justice" by John Rawls is one of the books by which our age will be remembered: perhaps the most important work of moral and political philosophy of the twentieth century, a classic to stand alongside Kant and Mill. Rawls argues that the correct principles of justice are those that would be agreed to by free and rational persons, placed in the "original position" behind a veil of ignorance: not knowing their own place in society; their class, race, or sex; their abilities, intelligence, or strengths; or even their conception of the good. Accordingly, he derives two priniples of justice to regulate the distribution of liberties, and of social and economic goods.

In 1975 the original text was considerably revised for the first foreign translation - the German edition. Those revisions have been included in all subsequent translations, and are now publisehd in English for the first time. The author believes that the revised text includes considerable improvements; in his preface, written in 1987 for the French edition, he discusses the revisions in some detail.

John Rawls is James Bryant Conant University professor, emeritus, at Harvard University. His other books are "Political liberalism" (1993) and "Collected papers" (1999).

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